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House Cup Reports

Brierley House System

Every child from Year 1 through to Year 6 is randomly allocated into a house, which they will represent during their time here at Brierley. In order to help with the organisation of the houses, House Captains have been appointed from Year 6. The house names were chosen as they are all names of famous Cheshire landmarks: Anderton, Jodrell, Tatton and Delamere.

The four houses compete over the school year in various sporting and academic activities, with the house earning the most Dojos being crowned as winners for each term. Dojos are also awarded for positive behaviour, excellent attendance and class work.

About the House system:

The idea of introducing a house system stemmed from wanting to address some objectives to improve our whole school:

  • To offer ALL children the chance to take part in extra-curricular activity (some are unable to stay after school).
  • To bring a sense of pride in belonging to a house and to enjoy the friendly competition between houses.
  • To create more opportunity for pupils to experience both winning and losing (life skills!).
  • To be used as a positive behaviour tool - individuals can collect Dojos from teachers.
  • To reward excellent attendance with Dojos.
  • To offer more leadership and organisational opportunities to Year 5/6 pupils.

The house names were also offer class teachers the opportunity to produce work based on the houses. The cross-curricular links could include: History, Geography, Art, Design / Technology, English and ICT.

In addition to the appointed house captains, we have assigned each member of staff to a house.

We organise house events for all years, with competitions taking place in PE lessons and at lunchtimes. For KS2, the House Captains (with guidance!) are responsible for selecting and encouraging pupils to participate in the house events.

House points for each event / activity are awarded as follows:
1st = 4 points 2nd = 3 points 3rd = 2 points 4th = 1 point

Mr Foulkes collates and keeps the scores updated throughout the school year. The children love our house system and the opportunities that it provides.

Want to know more? Keep your eyes peeled on here and Twitter :-)


The new 2023/24 academic year started with the appointment of our new House Captains and Vice-Captains for Tatton, Anderton, Jodrell and Delamere. Congratulations to:
  • Melvin Nicol (c), Sarah Saiog (c) and Coby Utting (vc) representing Tatton,
  • Millie Jennings (c), Micah Kosefobamu (c) and Daniel Hideg representing Anderton,
  • Charlotte Wright (c), Jensen Lindsay (c) and Malaki Mellor (vc) representing Jodrell and
  • Samanvitha Pothuganti (c), Summer Ivey (c) and Lilly May Mellor (vc) representing Delamere.
Their first task as house captains was to select teams for the Year 6 Basketball Skills Competition on Wednesday 13th September. We had 17 pupils taking part and their dribbling and shooting skills were put to the test. Top individual performers (in terms of points scored for their house) were Melvin Nicol (Tatton), Junior Groves (Anderton), Jensen Lindsay (Jodrell) and Soraya Azadmehr (Delamere). Overall, it was TATTON who won with a score of 26pts, ahead of Anderton 17pts, Delamere 16pts and Jodrell 11pts. Well done to the winning Tatton team: Harvey Allen, Melvin Nicol, Coby Utting and Franek Slusarczyk.
On Monday 18th September Year 5 took part in a Dodegball challenge, where they had to work as a team to hit three targets before the other team knocked their three over. In round one, Tatton beat Anderton 3-1 and Jodrell squeezed past Delamere 3-2. Round two saw Anderton and Delamere play out a 2-2 draw and Jodrell were the winners against Tatton 2-0. The last round saw Tatton beat Delamere 3-1 and Anderton beat Jodrell by the same scoreline. This meant it was JODRELL who were our overall winners and they take 4pts away, ahead of Tatton (3pts) and then Anderton and Delamere share 2pts each for joint-third place. Well done to the winning Jodrell team: Lucas Scott-Taylor, Varric Guevarra, Diego Lisboa, Junior Woodward and Misha Kupenko.
We had Year 5/6 in action on Thursday 21st September as they took on the Tag Rugby 1v1 competition. Each house played in a round robin, taking it in turns to attack and defend in a 1v1. Points were awarded for each successful try scored. Our overall winners were TATTON who won all 3 matches and showed great skill and agility throughout. Well done to the winning Tatton team: Lewis Malam, Leo Johnson, Melvin Nicol, Harvey Allen and Franek Slusarczyk. Jodrell claimed 3pts for 2nd place, with Anderton just edging Delamere to take the 2pts. Thank you to Malaki Mellor and Paige Haynes for helping to officiate.
We rounded off a busy week by just beating the weather to hold the Year 5/6 Girls 1v1 Football competition. With 15 girls taking part we had a strong competition with some excellent goals and some lovely skills on show. In round one, Tatton and Anderton drew 1-1 and Jodrell and Delamere played out a 3-3 draw. Round two saw Delamere beat Tatton 4-1 and Jodrell beat Anderton 3-1. The final round saw Jodrell beat Tatton 4-0 and Delamere edge past Anderton 2-1. This all meant that it was JODRELL & DELAMERE who finished as joint- winners and take 4pts each and Anderton and Tatton share 2pts each for joint-third place. Well done to the winning teams: Jodrell (Charlotte Wright,  Maria Boros and Amelia Banks-Scott) and Delamere (Soraya Azadmehr, Summer Ivey, Lilly May Mellor and Samanvitha Pothuganti). Thank you to Malaki Mellor and Paige Haynes for helping to officiate once again!
On Wednesday 27th September we had Year 6 in action as they took part in a Just Dance Off. There were 3 rounds of competition, with each round increasing in difficulty and one house was to be eliminated in each round. The first round was won by Jodrell and it was Delamere who were eliminated. Round two saw Jodrell produce the best dance again and it was Anderton who were eliminated to leave a Tatton v Jodrell final. Despite a fantastic effort from Tatton, the Jodrell dancers were just too good and showed great timing and they were really in sync with eachother. Well done to Amelia Banks-Scott, Jensen Lindsay and Paige Haynes who were part of our winning team. 
Our Friday night Dodgeball club saw our next house competition take place, as Year 4/5/6 were in action. The two semifinals were drawn at random and pitched Tatton v Anderton and Jodrell v Delamere. In the first semifinal, it looked like Tatton were going to comfortably win, until two stunning catches turned the game on its head and Anderton progressed 3-2. Jodrell beat Delamere 4-2 in the other semifinal. The 3rd place playoff saw Tatton win 5-3 v Delamere and in the final, ANDERTON beat Jodrell 3-1. Well done to the winning Anderton team: Daniel Hideg, Micah Kosefobamu, Bence Hideg, Kacper Pakiela and Kushal Gadde.
On Monday 2nd October Year 5 took part in a Connect 4 Competition at lunchtime. There were nearly 40 games played in total, with pupils challenging players from other houses to score points. Our overall winners were JODRELL who scored 14pts, ahead of Delamere & Anderton who scored 8pts each and Tatton who came 4th on 6pts. Well done to Diego Lisboa, Nick Guevarra, Junior Woodward and Misha Kupenko who formed our winning team.
Year 4 took part in a Just Dance Off on Thursday 5th October and again, we had a really good, fun competition. We had some excellent dancers, in particular, Junior Khumone (Delamere) and Ellie Mai Entwistle (Anderton). The pupils danced to 3 different songs and the overall winners were DELAMERE (4pts), with Anderton finishing as runners up (3pts), Tatton collecting 2pts and Jodrell 1pt. Well done to the winning Delamere team: Ella Wood, Junior Khumone, Violet Carless-Cope and Davood Azadmehr.
On a rainy Wednesday 11th October, we held the Year 6 Connect 4 Competition in the warmth of a classroom. We had 12 competitors and each house played eachother in a round robin. In round one, Tatton beat Anderton 3-1 and Jodrell edged Delamere 7-5 in a high-scoring game. Round two saw Jodrell win again 6-3 vs Tatton and Anderton got their first win (5-2) against Delamere. The final round saw JODRELL make it a clean sweep of wins, beating Anderton 6-4 and Delamere were fantastic in their 8-4 win against Tatton. Jodrell were our winners and take 4pts and then we had to use points difference to split the other 3 houses. Anderton and Delamere had a points difference of -1 so both score 3pts for 2nd place and Tatton had a points difference of -5, so take the single point for 4th place. Well done to the winning Jodrell team: Jensen Lindsay, Amelia Banks-Scott and Paige Haynes. Our individual winners were Samanvitha Pothuganti (Delamere), Amelia Banks-Scott and Jensen Lindsay (both Jodrell), as they won the most games.
On Thursday 12th October, Year 3 took part in a football competition. There was a mixture of matches against each house, as well as a penalty shootout to decide our winning house. In the matches, Jodrell were too strong for all of the 3 other teams, with Tatton 2nd, Delamere 3rd and Anderton in 4th place. The penalty shootouts, although extremely close, ended up with the same placings, so our overall winners were JODRELL. Well done to Darius Aldea, Tiana Gray, Devender Lisboa, Sohan Potta, Ethan Proudman, Molly Mae Taylor, Jenson Woodward and Luke Yeates who made up the winning team!
Our final competition of this halfterm was the Year 6 Residential Quiz which took part in Colomendy in North Wales! It is tradition to hold this quiz on our residentials and the quiz covered topics such as Geography, Maths, Science and even fun facts on the teachers! The end result was extremely close, as JODRELL were crowned victorious on 18pts, ahead of Anderton, Tatton and Delamere who all finished level on 16pts. Well done to the winning Jodrell team: Amelia Banks Scott, Joseph Proudman, Malaki Mellor and Layla Mason.
Class Dojo Points:
  • Week commencing Mon 11th Sept: Delamere (4pts), Jodrell (3pts), Anderton (2pts) and Tatton (1pt).
  • Week commencing Mon 18th Sept: Anderton (4pts), Delamere (3pts), Jodrell (2pts) and Tatton (1pt).
  • Week commencing Mon 25th Sept: Delamere (4pts), Anderton (3pts), Jodrell (2pts) and Tatton (1pt).
  • Week commencing Mon 2nd Oct: Anderton (4pts), Jodrell (3pts), Tatton 2pts) and Delamere (1pt).
  • Week commencing Mon 9th Oct: Anderton (4pts), Delamere (3pts), Jodrell (2pts) and Tatton (1pt).
  • Week commencing Mon 16th Oct: Delamere (4pts), Anderton (3pts), Tatton (2pts) and Jodrell (1pt).
Current House Cup Totals - Correct as of Monday 30th October 2023
1st Place: JODRELL (49pts)
2nd Place: Anderton & Delamere (45pts)
3rd Place:
4th Place: Tatton (36pts)
Congratulations to JODRELL who lead the way at halfterm, but both Anderton and Delamere are really pushing them hard and are within striking distance. Tatton have a lot of work to do to catch up, but is has been done before from that position, so keep plugging away!
Mr Foulkes
We returned after the October halfterm to Year 6 taking part in a 'Grab the Bib' Competition on Tuesday 31st October. This game tested their decision making, reflexes and their speed- whilst also being great fun! In the first round of matches, Jodrell beat Tatton 5-3 and Delamere and Anderton took part in an exciting 4-4 draw. Round two saw Jodrell draw 4-4 with Delamere and Tatton recorded their first win by beating Anderton 5-3. The final round saw Tatton win 5-3 against Delamere and Anderton drew 4-4 with Jodrell. This meant our overall winners were TATTON (4pts), ahead of Jodrell (3pts) and Delamere & Anderton who share 3rd place. Well done to the winning Tatton team: Coby Utting, Lily May Beal, Franek Slusarczyk and Harvey Allen.
On Thursday 2nd November we had Year 5 take part in a speedbounce challenge. Each pupil had 20 seconds to do as many bounces as possible and they had two goes each to record their best score. Anderton recorded an average score of 31, with Ibukun top scoring with 39 bounces. Tatton had Finley Allen top score on 41 bounces and they recorded an average score of 35. David Chivu was the top-scorer for Delamere with 39 bounces as they recorded an average score of 30. Our overall individual winner was Lucas Scott-Taylor who scored 45 bounces, as he helped Jodrell to an average score of 34. Well done to TATTON who take away 4pts, Jodrell 3pts, Anderton 2pts and Delamere 1pt. The winning Tatton team included Leo Johnson, Finley Allen and Tayah Huskisson.
Year 6 were next to Speedbounce on Tuesday 7th November. We had 16 pupils taking part and again, we used the average score for each house to decide the placings. Our individual winner was Harvey Allen (Tatton) with 42 bounces, ahead of Charlotte Wright (Jodrell) on 40 bounces. The team with the highest average score was really tight, as ANDERTON won by 0.25 (!) on 29.25 over Jodrell in 2nd place on 29 bounces. Jodrell were just 0.25 ahead of Tatton in 3rd place with Delamere scoring 27 bounces. Well done to the winning Anderton team: Junior Groves, Sasha Gregory, Micah Kosefobamu and Daniel Hideg.
On Monday 13th November we announced the winners of our Harvest Collection. The house which collected the most food items was ANDERTON and they take 4pts, with Tatton 3pts, Delamere 2pts and Jodrell 1pt. Thank you to everyone who was able to contribute to our collection- the food will really make a difference to local foodbanks. 
The Year 5/6 Boys took part in a Chest Push Competition on Monday 13th November. The aim of the game was to find as much power as possible, with the best trajectory to throw the ball the furthest. Our individual winner was Malaki Mellor (Jodrell) who threw 5.80m, ahead of Melvin Nicol (Tatton) on 5.65m. To find the overall team winner, we averaged each houses' scores to find position. Our winning house was TATTON with a score of 5.65m, ahead of Jodrell on 5.03m. Delamere scored 4.85m and Anderton came 4th on 4.48m. Well done to the winning Tatton team: Leo Johnson, Lewis Malam, Harvey Allen, Franek Slusarczyk and Melvin NIcol.
Year 4 were in action on Thursday 16th November as they were Speedbouncing at lunchtime. Our individual winner was Tymek Malecki (Tatton) with 41 bounces, ahead of Reuben Tasker (Jodrell) on 40 and Eduard Ciocoi (Anderton) on 39. Our overall winners were ANDERTON with a score of 178, ahead of Delamere on 148, Tatton on 146 and Jodrell on 134. Well done to the winning Anderton team: Ellie Mai Entwistle, Kacper Pakiela, Eduard Ciocoi, Bence Hideg and Kushal Gadde.
Tuesday 21st November saw Year 5/6 take on the 'Walk the tightrope' challenge, testing their speed and balancing skills to the max. They had to negotiate a tricky course in the fastest time possible, with 1 second penalties awarded for every time a cone was hit or a foot hit the floor. Our fastest time was recorded by Melvin Nicol for Tatton (13s), with Jensen Lindsay second for Jodrell (15s) and Dylan Sibanda third for Delamere (16s). Our overall winners were DELAMERE with an average time of 18 seconds. Tatton and Anderton (20s) share 2nd place and the 3pts with Jodrell (21s) in fourth place. Well done to the winning Delamere team: Samanvitha Pothuganti, Dylan Sibanda, Iris Carvalho, Marcel Godlewski and Amna Harees.
On Thursday 23rd November Year 6 took part in a Noughts and Crosses competition. A huge well done to all that took part, as they all played the games in a great spirit and they really enjoyed their games. Round one saw Tatton beat Delamere 3-0 and Jodrell draw 1-1 with Anderton. Round two saw 3-1 wins for Tatton v Anderton and for Jodrell v Delamere. The final round saw Tatton win 2-0 against Jodrell and Anderton play out a 2-2 draw with Delamere. This meant our overall winners were TATTON, with Jodrell 2nd, Anderton 3rd and Delamere 4th. Well done to Harvey Allen, Melvin Nicol and Coby Utting who made up the winning team.
Year 5/6 were in action on Tuesday 28th November in a Netball Competition at lunchtime. In the first round of games, Jodrell started with a 3-1 win against Tatton and Anderton and Delamere played out a 0-0 draw. Round two saw Anderton pick up a win vs Jodrell (2-1) and Delamere recover to a draw against Tatton (1-1). The final round of matches saw Delamere complete a hat-trick of draws against Jodrell and Tatton clinched a 3-1 win over Anderton. This meant we had 3 teams at the top of the table level on points with 1 win, 1 draw and 1 loss each - JODRELL, ANDERTON and TATTON are our joint winners and despite being unbeaten with 3 draws, Delamere pick up the single point.
On Thursday 30th November, Year 4 played in the Noughts and Crosses Competition. We had 15 pupils taking part in what turned out to be a really exciting competition with lots a strategy and tactics by our teams! In round one, Anderton beat Tatton 3-1 whilst Jodrell and Delamere played out a 2-2 draw. Round two saw Jodrell edge out Tatton 3-2 and Anderton made it consecutive wins by beating Delamere 3-1. The final round saw JODRELL beat Anderton to take 1st place (winning 1-0) and Delamere beat Tatton 2-1. Well done to the winning Jodrell team: Jacob Burke-Hurley, Mitchell Mason and Sienna Boon.
Wednesday 6th December saw three house activities in one day! We started with the Year 5 Noughts and Crosses competition at lunchtime and Anderton beat Tatton 2-1 and Delamere beat Jodrell 1-0 in the first round. Round two saw Jodrell edge out Anderton 3-2 and Tatton beat Delamere 2-0. The final round saw Jodrell beat Tatton 4-1 and Anderton beat Delamere 3-2. This meant we had to use points difference to split our teams and it was JODRELL who came away with 4pts, ahead of Delamere (3pts), Anderton (2pts) and Tatton (1pt). Well done to the winning Jodrell team: Diego Lisboa, Misha Kupenko and Lucas Scott Taylor.
In the afternoon, both Year 4 and Year 5 took park in a House Hockey Competition in their PE lessons. The standard of hockey from our teams was fantastic and we had some cracking games, with some excellent goals scored. In the Year 4 competition it was TATTON who won the 4pts, ahead of Delamere (3pts), Anderton (2pts) and Jodrell (1pt). Well done to the winning Tatton team: Evie Blease, Bianka Farkasova-Xherkaj, Daniel Fiszer, Marni Huskisson, Tymek Malecki, Kelvin Nicol, Fabian Sandor and Mickolaj Slusarczyk. In the Year 5 competition, a really tight result saw DELAMERE take 4pts, Jodrell 3pts, Anderton 2pts and Tatton 1pt. Well done to the Delamere year 5s: Iris Carvalho, David Chivu, Igor Godlewski, Marcel Godlewski, Joseph Hughes, Charlie Hunter, Evie Ollier and Finley Palin.
Year 5/6 Girls took part in a Christmas Dodgeball Competition on Wednesday 13th December. We had 25 girls taking part in a round robin competition. Round 1 saw Tatton squeeze past Anderton 3-2 and Delamere start impressively with a 5-0 win against Jodrell. Delamere repeated this with a 5-0 win against Tatton in round 2, whilst Jodrell beat Anderton 3-0 in the other match. The final round saw DELAMERE clinch the win with another 5-0 demolition of Anderton. Jodrell beat Tatton 5-0 to claim 2nd place, with Tatton in 3rd place and Anderton in 4th place. Well done to the winning Delamere team: Soraya Azadmehr, Samanvitha Pothuganti, Amna Harees, Lilly May Mellor and Iris Carvalho.
Class Dojo Points:
  • Week commencing Monday 30th October: DELAMERE (4pts), Jodrell (3pts), Tatton (2pts) and Anderton (1pt).
  • Week commencing Monday 6th November: ANDERTON (4pts), Delamere (3pts), Jodrell (2pts) and Tatton (1pt).
  • Week commencing Monday 13th November: TATTON (4pts), Jodrell (3pts), Delamere (2pts) and Anderton (1pt).
  • Week commencing Monday 20th November: ANDERTON (4pts), Tatton (3pts), Delamere (2pts) and Jodrell (1pt).
  • Week commencing Monday 27th November: DELAMERE (4pts), Anderton (3pts), Jodrell (2pts) and Tatton (1pt).
  • Week commencing Monday 4th December: ANDERTON (4pts), Jodrell (3pts), Delamere (2pts) and Tatton (1pt).
  • Week commencing Monday 11th December: ANDERTON (4pts), Delamere (3pts), Jodrell (2pts) and Tatton (1pt).
Mr K FoulkesPE Subject Leader / Y6 Teacher

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