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Year 6 2023 - 2024

Mr Fletcher

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Welcome to Year 6

Our year group author is Philip Pullman and we are enjoying reading many of his books. 

Meet the Team

Mrs Wolstencroft

Mrs Faddes

Mr Foulkes

Mr Fletcher

Welcome to our Year 6 page. In Year 6, we focus on preparing our children for the next step in their academic career… secondary school! We focus on developing the children’s independence, resilience and organisation skills, which all starts with the way Year 6 is timetabled. Year 6 at Brierley works like a small high school: there are rooms for different lessons, different teachers for subject areas and (most importantly) we try to remember to arrive with our equipment! Luckily, the children in Year 6 have had a successful start to the year by remembering to arrive with their pencil cases in each session.

Curriculum in Year 6 is fast paced and filled with lots of knowledge gathering and links. We delve into the fantasy worlds of ‘Clockwork’, The Errand’ and ‘Sky Chasers’, we take part in great wars within ‘One Boy’s War’, ‘The Last Post’ and ‘Once’ and we explore the world around us in ‘Can We Save the Tiger’ and ‘The Greatest Adventurers’.

During this academic year, Year 6 pupils are required to sit statutory tests for their reading, spelling and grammar, mental arithmetic and mathematical reasoning skills. The skills on these papers are from all of the learning the children have accrued from Year 3 to Year 6. If you would like to support your child at home with additional practice and revision, the websites below are highly recommended by the Year 6 team:

It goes without saying that learning in Year 6 is not solely focussed on the preparation for SATs and we do endeavour to indulge the children in their interests (as long as it is relatable!) along the way to ensure that learning is still being maintained and engaged with.

As mentioned above, the Year 6 team at Brierley are driven with the task of preparing our children to become lifelong learners, who are prepared and equipped for the next step in their journey.

If you would like more information on what we will bel covering this year, please click on the file below to view our long term overivew.


Homework in Year 6 will be sent and received on Fridays which will include both reading and maths. The reading texts are letters from a fictional character called Isabelle. Although she is fictional, she is inspired by the very real and adventurous Isabella Lucy Bird, who traipsed around the world (solo) during the 1800s. She was an author, photographer, naturalist and the first female member of the Royal Geographical Society. The letters are pitched towards KS2 level but can be enjoyed by all! In fact, some of our parents have really enjoyed “travelling” with our children to our more exotic destinations. 

Reading in Year 6

Your child will bring home a reading book.  We ask that our parents and carers find at least ten minutes each night to read with their child.  When your child reads at home, please ask them questions about what they have read to ensure a good understanding of the book.

General reminders for parents

  • Please make sure your child is wearing the correct, labelled uniform. This includes appropriate footwear. Please tie long hair back. Children are allowed to wear simple gold/silver stud earrings but they must be able to take them out for PE or have them removed before they come to school.
  • The children will be doing PE on Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Please ensure your child comes into school in appropriate PE kit.

Please can children bring in their own pencil-case with their own set of equipment to use in class.

Year 6 equipment includes:

  • Black handwriting pens (no gel pens or biros)
  • HB pencils
  • 15cm ruler
  • Sharpener

Optional Equipment:

  • Maths Sets
  • Whiteboard pen
  • Coloured pencils
  • Glue sticks
  • Highlighters

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